We’re In Good Housekeeping!


Out of thousands of jerky brands, Baja Jerky was ranked in the top three according to Good Housekeeping’s strict standards!

Good Housekeeping has been running for over a century, cluing their loyal audience into which products are the best in the market. Their team of editors, engineers, scientists and product analysts work together to rigorously judge products and keep brands in check. Their experimentation is no joke!

Baja Jerky’s product was judged based on texture, sodium levels, protein, taste (duh), nutrients, alignment with various diets, etc., etc…. the list goes on! And we had some pretty tough competition.

All that said, our flavorful jerky did its job and gained yet another fan in Good Housekeeping. Our Lime & Serrano Pepper flavor passed the test with flying colors and was probably the spiciest flavor in the race, which is how we like it! Lime & Serrano Pepper is perfect for people who like heat but don’t want to kill their taste buds. The spice level is highly satisfying… have a drink with it and wash the heat down and repeat!

Not only did our delicious flavor and tenderness make waves, but our notable nutrition facts make quite the impression as well. As mentioned earlier, Good Housekeeping is no dummy; they take their nutrition very seriously. And less than three grams of sugar along with our all-natural, nitrate- and nitrite-free beef garnered a very positive response.

If you want to check out our top three ranking, you can find the article here:


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