Introducing… Crackin’ Pepper


We’ve added to the amazing roster of flavors at Baja Jerky! And this one is extra special because it’s ZERO SUGAR – that’s right… you heard correctly… no need to clean your ears! There are zero grams of sugar in our Crackin’ Pepper, and it couldn’t taste more delicious.

We’re well on our way to becoming the healthiest jerky on the market, and Crackin’ Pepper just gave us a huge boost. Our jerky already has the lowest sodium levels of any jerky lineup, and now we’ve got even more dietary options for you to choose from. With 0g of sugar, you can feel great while indulging in our super tasty snack.

Health-food items often get a bad rep, but if you know our brand, you know that we like to shake things up. We’re not really about the ‘status quo’; rather, we like to push the limits and blaze trails no one has ever attempted. And in the context of Crackin’ Pepper, we’re making zero sugar actually taste good! Our multiple Michelin-awarded chef has put Crackin’ Pepper through countless tests, refining it each time so that you can’t even tell there are zero grams of sugar in each serving.

In Crackin’ Pepper, ingredients like blacked pepper, smoked hickory flavor and sea salt bring in a bit of a punch as soon as you bite down. Your mouth tingles in the best way possible as it’s trying to put a finger on what exactly our jerky tastes like – spoiler alert: there’s nothing else like it. And just as the powerful spices are taking over, our more subtle ingredients like lemon juice, water and tamari sauce soften the palette. You’re left with a nice, smooth aftertaste.

Our Crackin’ Pepper is zero sugar, paleo-friendly, gluten-free, all natural, nitrate and nitrite-free, low sodium, and ready for you to try it! We know you’re going to love it!



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