Introducing… Street Taco


Straight off the tortilla press… please join us in welcoming Street Taco to our Baja Jerky flavor profile! As authentic as it can get, our Street Taco flavor marries the taco seasoning mix that we all know and love with a genuine Mexican influence to create a flavor never before attempted. And after countless hours of work, spice combinations and taste tests, we hope you love it as much as we do!

As you may know, our headquarters is in San Diego, California, which means that Mexico is our next-door neighbor. Depending on where in San Diego you are, it’s just a short drive away. And this strong Mexican influence has certainly bled into both our flavors and our branding.

Baja Jerky perfectly blends iconic flavors found just south of the border with the vibe and lifestyle that make up Southern California. And our Street Taco flavor is the epitome of that. We took the idea of a taco seasoning packet – often used in tacos (duh), chili and other meat dishes – the cooking style of our friends down south and ultimately blended the two together to create the refined, delicious flavor that we now have in our Street Taco flavor.

Fresh ingredients like cilantro, white onion, chipotle, chili and oregano all work together to bring you a flavor you never knew you needed! And all in a way that tastes as authentic as if you were visiting your favorite local taqueria. This flavor also had a special guest collaborating on it… our multiple Michelin-star-awarded chef, Brandon Rodgers. Working behind the scenes to bring the detail and precision of the culinary world to our jerky, Brandon says that the Street Taco flavor is definitely his favorite. So take it from our chef himself: you gotta try it!

Guaranteed to bring you tenderness, deliciousness and a little bit of spice, we’re pumped to be adding Street Taco to our lineup!



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