Baja Jerky is reinventing craft beef jerky


After doing some inner soul-searching, we’ve come to the realization that what we’re doing here at Baja Jerky is special. The flavors, the colors we use – really just our whole package – isn’t something you find often, and it shouldn’t be treated as such. That’s why we’d like to introduce the idea of “craft jerky”.

“Craft jerky” isn’t a new thing. In fact, there’s a jerky subscription service named Craft Jerky, which we’re actually included in (our kind of people)! However, what we bring to the table hasn’t ever been seen before, thus giving craft jerky a whole new meaning and vision. If you’ve ever heard of churro-flavored jerky before, feel free to disagree with us 😉

Much like craft beer – also super popular in our hometown of San Diego – our jerky is artisanal and innovative in nature.

An artisan food is defined as being “made in a traditional or non-mechanized way using high-quality ingredients” – and Baja Jerky checks both of those boxes! Our meat comes from right here in California, and each cut must pass a series of rigorous quality control checkpoints to ensure its top quality.

Also, we know that a diverse audience like you has diverse needs, so that’s where the innovative aspect of our brand comes into play. Whether it’s taking the spice to another level by adding in serrano pepper or transporting your taste buds to a far-away place by introducing fresh salsa to the mix, our aim is to make your Baja Jerky experience unlike any other.

We like to push the boundaries at Baja Jerky, and it shows in our product. Our new, tantalizing tastes (that aren’t available through mainstream manufacturers) excite a whole new world of opportunity for the jerky and the snack industry. We’re pumped that you’re along for the ride!

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