Churro Jerky, Seriously?!

Churro Beef Jerky

A ride on the merry-go-round, a snack at your favorite festival, dessert at your go-to restaurant – a churro can be so many things. But what remains the same across any event or eatery that is lucky enough to feature a churro is the cinnamon sugar and the fond memories.

Pushing the boundaries is what Baja Jerky strives to do, and what better way to do that than to imagine a flavor of jerky that has never been done before. Enter: Churro Baja Jerky. We know what you’re thinking… “seriously, churro?” – YES, seriously! Give it one try and you will never look at beef jerky (or churros) the same.

The mix of sugars (brown, white + powdered) in each pack gives our jerky dimension and delight while the pure cinnamon and natural beef bring a necessary edge to round out the sweetness. Sweet and salty may be the best mixture on this planet, and our Churro jerky is a perfect example of that.

A favorite among both kids and adults, this sweet snack is not only delicious, but it also delivers 8g of protein in each serving. It has the sweetness to be a dessert and all the nutritional benefits to be a substantial snack as well.

There is nothing quite as sweet as nostalgia, so give our Churro jerky a try to remind your taste buds of a time of laughter and life! We promise you won’t be able to get enough 😉



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