Baja Jerky Wins the Convenience Buyer’s Choice Awards!


The Convenience Program, held by the ECRM on January 25-28th of this year, elected Baja Jerky’s Salsa Fresca flavor as a finalist! We’re not at all surprised that our very own Salsa Fresca won over the hearts of the 52 retailers and 86 suppliers that made up the decision committee, as it’s our most popular flavor and continues to amaze everyone that tries it. Reportedly, conversations amongst the voters were centered around the innovation of the product and the brand’s future. Each of the participating buyers was able to cast their own digital vote, which led Baja Jerky to the top of the ranks.

The ECRM is a vast network of buyers and sellers across the globe. First started in 1994, the ECRM covers all types of categories such as grocery and pharmacy. Their breadth of knowledge and experience allows them to take an analytical approach to the business and attempt to make it better for everyone involved.

The ECRM noted many reasons for our high standing, one of which includes the tenderness of our jerky without all the added gunk (sugar, sodium, unnecessary preservatives, etc.). They also highlighted the passion behind our brand: “life”. They are 100% spot-on in stating that our staff and fanbase is full of explorers and adventurers that believe in “shattering limits” and just need a snack to keep up!

We’re so honored to be named as a finalist in their Convenience Buyer’s Choice Awards. As a relatively new brand and product, it’s tough to get in front of the right people, especially those with as much know-how as the ECRM. Nevertheless, we’re stoked that our hard work is paying off and that our team and unparalleled flavors are getting the recognition they deserve. We couldn’t have done it without you – thanks a million!

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