Keto vs. Paleo Diet and Why Protein is a Powerful Nutrient

Are you looking to set a new health goal in 2022? What we feed our bodies has a lot to do with how we look and feel. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the occasional trip to your favorite fast-food restaurant, but overall, we want to consume healthy foods that provide us with the fuel we need to perform at our best. By now, you’ve probably heard about both the keto diet and the paleo diet. These diets are popular with people who want to lose weight, control their blood sugar, or just improve their overall health. So, what’s the difference between the keto diet and the paleo diet, and what role does protein play when it comes to our nutrition? Read on to learn more!

Keto Diet

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The goal of the keto, or ketogenic, diet is to induce ketosis through the food you eat. Ketosis is the metabolic state in which your body uses fat for energy rather than carbohydrates. Since Carbohydrates are the body’s preferred source of energy, it takes some major dietary adjustments to induce ketosis, and once those adjustments are made, you have to stick to them in order to maintain ketosis. 

While on the keto diet, you’ll want to avoid carbohydrates as much as possible. The majority of the food you eat should be high in fat, so foods like fatty fish, meat, eggs, dairy, oils, nuts, and seeds should make up 65-90% of your diet. Next, foods that are high in protein (like Baja Jerky) should make up about 10-30% of your diet, with carbs bringing up the rear making up less than 5% of your diet.  

Paleo Diet

Sometimes called the caveman diet, the paleo diet focuses on consuming foods that were available to early humans. One of the ideas behind the paleo diet is that modern food processing techniques are harmful to our health and digestive systems, so by imitating the diet of early hunter-gatherers, we can improve our guts and our overall health. 

While on the paleo diet you’ll want to focus on whole foods while eliminating grains, legumes, and processed foods. Paleo-friendly foods include meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, fruit, vegetables, select fats and oils like coconut, olive, and avocado oil, and natural sweeteners such as honey, syrup, and raw stevia. So basically, before you feast, ask yourself, would a caveman be able to eat this? 

The paleo diet also encourages eating foods that are in season in order to live sustainably and reduce your environmental impact. Bonus – you can enjoy Baja Jerky, Baja Dried Mangos, and Baja Seasonings on the paleo diet!

What these diets have in common 

Both the keto diet and the paleo diet encourage more whole foods and healthy fats, while discouraging grains, added sugar, and processed foods. And of course, with any diet, it’s always best to have a chat with your doctor before making any major changes. 

Sticking to a certain diet, especially a strict one, and finding foods that are keto or paleo friendly can be a difficult task. Luckily, Baja Jerky has your back. Since Baja Jerky uses 100% natural beef, no added hormones, no preservatives, no msg, and is gluten-free, our jerky products are a keto and paleo approved source of protein. You can also avoid snack fatigue by using Baja Seasonings to elevate the flavor of your go-to snacks like pork rinds or spice up your veggies and elevate their flavor to a whole other level!

Why is protein so important?


Proteins are a complex group of molecules that have various functions in the human body. They are one of the main building blocks for your body’s structure and function. Proteins make up your hair, nails, bones, and muscles. They also keep your organs functioning as they should, strengthen your immune system, burn fat, balance fluid, and help to heal your injuries. Our bodies need protein in order to grow and maintain vital tissues. And the more active you are, the more protein your body needs. 

Each serving of Baja Jerky has about 10 grams of protein, so if you’re looking for a protein packed snack that is not only delicious, but keto and paleo friendly, check out our wide variety of beef jerky flavors. Can’t decide on a flavor? No worries, that happens a lot. Right now, you can get 25% off when you buy 3 bags of Baja Jerky. So, pick your top 3 and find your new favorite flavor!


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