Our top Fall picks for the best beer & jerky pairings

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Fall is upon us, and around here that means we get to move it indoors and cozy up with two of our favorite things—perfectly prepared meats washed down with a nice cold beer. While some folks prefer to keep the grill going all year around (if that’s you, check out this post here), we feel like nothing could be more satisfying than pairing up one of our epic Baja Jerky flavors with a chilled to perfection cerveza for a flavor combo that’s ready to ride. While beef and beer pairing might feel like a no-brainer, Baja Jerky was created by a Michelin-star chef for a gluten-free meat snack bursting with vibrant, one-of-a-kind flavors! The result is the best beef jerky that takes your favorite beer to the next level! Ready to take your taste buds to new heights? Read on to learn about how all the unique flavors packed into our Baja Jerky meat snacks match perfectly with your favorite beer for a perfect fall treat that’s always ready to roll!

Baja Jerky Street Taco + Lager

Tacos and beer—a classic combo! Baja Jerky Street Taco takes the flavor of an authentic street taco and transforms it into a delicious jerky snack. Each bite is packed with real ingredients like chili seasoned all-natural beef, onion, cilantro, and a splash of fresh lime juice which means you need an easy drinking beer that won’t fight with all of those epic flavors. Lagers are known to be crisp and refreshing which is why we recommend having a chilled one on standby for when you’re ready to satisfy your craving for a high-protein snack that’s seasoned with the epic flavors of your favorite roadside treat! 

Suggested Beer: We like Corona for a classic easy drinking Mexican Lager

Bonus Tip: Want to add an extra punch to that lager? Add Baja Seasonings Chili Limón to the rim of your glass and enjoy a next-level flavor explosion in every sip!

Traditional + Amber Ale 

Traditional takes that classic flavor of a hickory smoked premium jerky and takes it to the next level with a Baja inspired spice rub that elevates each bite of our high-quality beef. The result is a tender, flavorful, ridiculously delicious version of your favorite ride or die that could only be made better with the caramel toasty notes of an Amber Ale. Amber ales are known to have a malty sweetness with just the right amount of hops to create a balance of flavors that make the perfect addition to the smooth, bold flavors of Traditional.

Suggested Beer: Fat Tire Amber Ale is our go-to with its fresh balance of mild hops and toasty malt 

Salsa Fresca + Pilsner 

Our best seller, Salsa Fresca, stands out with authentic ingredients like naturally sweet vine-ripened tomatoes, the spicy kick of fresh jalapenõs, and the signature addition of onions, cilantro, and a splash of zesty lime juice. That means we want a light beer that allows the fresh flavors and mild spice of Salsa Fresca to shine. The mild hops and refreshing flavors that are the hallmarks of a Pilsner are the perfect companion to our irresistible best seller, Salsa Fresca! 

Suggested Beer: The clean, crisp flavors of Scrimshaw Pilsner make this refreshing beer our top choice

Lime and Serrano Pepper + IPA

Lime and Serrano Pepper was made for those that like it hot! We spice up our all-natural beef jerky with a zesty blend of real chilies and peppers while keeping it cool with a splash of fresh lime juice. The best way to complement all that spice is with a beer with an equally strong flavor. IPAs are high on the hoppy scale making it a great way to match all that spice without being overpowering. Try them together and ride the wave of a flavor explosion that hits!

Suggested Beer: Pick up some Lagunitas IPA for a bold crowd pleasing beer bursting with juicy hops 

Bonus Tip: Are strong epic flavors kinda your thing? Keep the flavor fiesta going and rim your beer glass with Baja Seasonings Chili Limón!

Crackin Pepper + Stout 

Crackin’ Pepper takes the hickory smoked flavor you love to a whole new level with the irresistible bite of freshly cracked pepper and a tangy splash of zesty lemon juice. We want the best way to highlight these epic favors, so we need a beer that’s creamy, malty, and full-bodied. The richness of a stout pairs perfectly with the tender, smoky bite of our first zero-sugar meat snack. Give it a try and enjoy one of the best beef jerky and beer pairings for those that like to dabble on the dark side.

Suggested Beer: The always classic Guinness is our pick due to its creamy texture and chocolate coffee notes 

Sweet Orange + Wheat Beer 

Sweet Orange takes our naturally tender jerky and adds the vibrant, citrusy flavors of sun-kissed oranges to create a sweet and savory flavor that’s perfect for those that like their jerky with a twist. What better way to enjoy the bright flavors packed into this one-of-a-kind jerky snack than with an easy drinking beer that honors the lighter side of life? Wheat beers perfectly fit the bill with a light and fruity flavor profile with notes of baking spice. Light up a room with the bright flavors of one of the best beef jerky and beer pairings!

Suggested Beer: Blue Moon is our favorite wheat beer thanks to its crisp, bright, citrus flavor profile

Churro + Brown Ale

Churro takes all the flavors of the classically fried cinnamon sugar pastry and transforms it into a protein-packed treat that’s all grown up! The best way to add to these flavors is with a beer that’s also packing a little sweetness. Brown ales are a perfect match with slightly sweet roasted malt and caramel and chocolate notes. Try this unique combo for a treat that’s a match made in sweet and salty heaven!

Suggested Beer: Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale is a great choice with its dark malt and toasted nuttiness 

Cover up that grill and move it indoors this fall with a Baja Jerky and beer pairing that is sure to satisfy your craving for the ultimate flavor combo. Whether you are in need of a ready to ride snack or are planning for chilly days ahead, there is no better way to satisfy your taste buds and elevate your snack game than with one of our super tender beef jerky flavors and a perfectly chilled cerveza. We are so inspired by all the epic flavors of Baja California that we transformed them into high-protein meat snacks for the best beef jerky flavors that you can’t find anywhere else! Add a perfectly chilled cerveza and you’ve got a new favorite flavor combination that’s ready to turn any moment into a next-level flavor fiesta! Head HERE and add all your favorite flavors to your cart for the easiest and most delicious way to get ready for fall!

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