The BAJA 1000

bf goodrich

Considered the most dangerous race in North America, the BAJA 1000 is back for trouble this weekend.

As beautiful as Baja California looks, its terrain can be quite difficult. Racers competing in the BAJA 1000 should be prepared for silt – super fine grain sand with little to no traction – as well as mountain passes with massive boulders, and water crossings from flash floods. And it’s not just nature that throws up obstacles on the track… pranksters in local towns have been known to sabotage the race with holes, hidden jumps, debris and even deliberate mud pits.

Not only is the BAJA 1000 physically challenging though; the racers will face mental challenges as well. The combination of the sweltering heat, local booby traps, and long hours without seeing a human soul all play together to create a demanding race that’s one of a kind.

Though the BAJA 1000 definitely isn’t for the weak of mind, it really does have some incredible aspects to it. Yes, the desert is a challenge, but it also presents striking scenery and a perfect opportunity to connect with nature. The course runs through small towns and kisses the Pacific Ocean before finishing in Ensenada, allowing racers to take in all the aspects that make up life in Northwest Mexico.

This weekend, Baja Jerky is taking part in this historically savage race. Our team partner, Cantina Racing, has been a huge help in setting up our gear and getting everything ready for the big day. Our noble racers, Chris Miller and Christian Sourapas, will be rocking our Baja truck the entire 900 miles. Best of luck to them!

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